Dress Rehearsal

A documentary short

The shocking upset that shows how Democrats can crush Trump.

— The Daily Beast

Dress Rehearsal is a new documentary short about the progressive organizers who overcame unprecedented challenges amidst the pandemic to pull off a stunning upset in a Wisconsin race both parties saw as a preview for November.

Directed by David Modigliani (Running With Beto), the 17-minute film is a playbook for victory nationwide and a shot of pure hope in the arm. It reveals how an inclusive coalition of groups pivoted on the fly during Wisconsin’s spring election, using remote online tactics to defy Republican voter suppression efforts that weaponized the pandemic. For organizers and volunteers facing down similar conditions in battleground states across the country, this film captures a profoundly inspiring dress rehearsal for the push to November 3rd, replete with the inside story of how to win it all. We leave feeling how deeply every vote matters and seeing how clearly everyone can impact this election when they choose to participate — no matter where they are.